Ultimate Luxury

Here at Hamish Mair Chauffeur Services 2018 is progressing in a very positive fashion.

We have been working in conjunction with McEwen Car Service Chauffeur Drive from Glasgow to provide corporate roadshows for London based clients visiting Edinburgh to set up financial business
appointments with the city centre banks and large companies heavily involved in the financial world.
We have also been commissioned to look after ex-football players and key individuals involved in the organisation of the European Football Leagues.

A large conference hosted by one of Edinburgh’s Five Star hotels required the transportation of all the delegates to and from Edinburgh airport over a period of a week or so during the Easter break.
Hamish Mair Chauffeur Services worked in conjunction with McEwen Car Service Chauffeur Drive to provide a high-class service for all the clients attending the convention.

We have also made a major decision to invest in the ultimate luxury vehicle to further our intentions to provide a competitive service in the Chauffeur Industry.
Here at Hamish Mair Chauffeur Services, we have just purchased a Mercedes GL AMG 4×4 Grand Luxury.
This vehicle has far too many extras to mention but what I will tell you is that no other Chauffeur company in Scotland has a vehicle quite like this one which makes it unique and an absolute must to hire out for a special occasion or a luxury tour.
I assure you, you will be blown away by every inch of this fantastic Mercedes.
For further details do not hesitate to call Hamish on 07768 704 975 or send an email on info@hamishmairexecutivecars.co.uk
We provide luxury transportation for all occasions along with a friendly outgoing personality for all of our clients at a very competitive price.

Our Chauffeurs are able to answer all your questions and educate you on our national history and transport you to all the most popular destinations available to ensure you enjoy your visit to Edinburgh and the surrounding counties.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to make your visit a great experience.