The Final Piece of the Jigsaw


We have been looking for the final piece of the jigsaw to complete the fleet for the company. After much thought we decided to locate a four wheel drive version of the Mercedes brand which had all the luxury and more extras than any other vehicle in our collection. After a great deal of investigation and homework we decided to locate a ML 350 CDI Grand Luxury 4 X 4 which would compliment our AMG S Class.

Finally our searches came to a pleasant end when we found the perfect vehicle which was located in Durham a few miles south of Newcastle. A few phone calls later and after a few hours rest  we were on our way by train down to Durham to A690 Specialist Cars, where we were not disappointed the car was immaculate and we knew right away this was the perfect addition to our fleet. The garage took great care of us picking us up from the station and prepared us for the two hour journey back to the capital city.

The trip back was a dream in complete luxury which has given us great confidence knowing our clients will experience the same standards of travel when they use our services for their requirements .

Hamish Mair Chauffeur services takes great care in choosing their fleet cars in order that all  our customers get exactly what they want backed up with our complete attention to detail personal service.

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