Loch Lomond and Stirling


This is a full days tour to see the hidden beauty’s of Scotland and taste one of our famous malts on your journey.

We begin from the capital city and travel up the M9 where we will pass by the  Kelpies which are the worlds largest equine sculptures just outside Falkirk. Further up the motorway we will arrive in Stirling where will take in the famous castle and the William Wallace monument.

Our next destination is The Glengoyne Whisky Distillery just beside the village of Dumgoyne where you will be able to go a whisky tasting and learn all about the manufacture of our famous spirit. The tour usually takes about an hour and you can sample many different ages of the malt they produce in abundance.

The next stop is the famous banks of Loch Lomond and a short journey to the village of Luss on the West side of the loch, where you will be able to take in the stunning views of the water and the mountains.There are also many very characteristic cottages to see alongside a very quaint restaurant which serves the most delightful Scottish dishes.

For the return journey to Edinburgh we will pass through the town of Dumbarton on the way over the Erskine Bridge  where you will see the views of the river Clyde which was famously the ship building capital of Scotland in days gone by. From there we will join the M8 which passes through the City of Glasgow and you will be able to take in the Architecture which differs from that of the capital city. The final stage of the journey passes near to Heart Hill services Livingston and Bathgate on the way home.