Dancing Shoes

The month is barely half way through and we have had so much to talk about already.

Dancing Shoes began our roller coaster start to February, this is where we had the visit of one of televisions personalities in the judging department from one of the most popular dancing shows aired on our screens. our job was to transfer the celebrity from one of Glasgow’s city hotels to the capital city for a flying visit to oversee a recent production before it was placed on pubic view . This was a pleasure to be involved in and made Hamish Mair Chauffeur Services feel very honoured.

This was followed by a visit of a very famous Knighted Opera singer for a weekend visit to Edinburgh. our specifics were to transfer him between venues and safely see him to the Airport for departure the next day. Again this gave us a lot of pleasure to be associated with such characters.

This month also included our care of two of the cities respected ladies still full of character in their elderly years. Our ongoing criteria is to take these ladies anywhere they wish to travel setting up appointments, organising lunch bookings and coordinating time schedules for their shopping visits to Edinburgh’s designer boutiques and any specific requirements they have on a weekly basis.

This highlights the flexibility of our business to go that extra mile and emphasise the point that Hamish Mair Chauffeur Services is much more than just “drivers ”
The month our services continue to provide Edinburgh Airport transfers for our visiting tourists and business delegates who have steadily filtered throughout the winter months to visit our wonderful city.

One to look forward to in the next day or so is the visit of one of the countries political debaters who is coming to give us the knowledge and experience of his views on the countries latest political agenda. Our job description is to transfer the client from location to location in a manner which keeps a very low profile coupled with a high security alert on all the destinations . Once again our services will be put to the test to achieve all the goals required to provide the professionalism required in such a high spec transfer.

As confidentiality is a key factor of my role I never mention names of my clients or specific destinations, as i fully respect everyone’s privacy. Specific destinations are only mentioned if my client(s) wish to advertise

I’m sure we will have much more to say on our experiences before the month closes.