Busy times for luxury cars.
The year is yet so young but already we have done so much

Took some VIP’s down to Old Trafford for the day to take in the match, being a united fan I had a ball, lunch in the directors lounge followed by a panoramic view of the match from the directors box balcony and finally a chance to meet the players before taking the guests back to Edinburgh. ⚽️⚽️⚽️
Had my first Sir of the year in my car travelling through the city to a venue where he entertained his audience with some operatic entertainment ??
The BBC entrusted me in looking after one of their favourite political television and radio presenters who hosts his own show on our screens. This was a huge privilege and a most entertaining time for me. 
The wedding season  has started early, never really ceased so I have had the satisfaction of transporting some beautiful brides and handsome grooms to their church services and receptions. Taking in some of the most elegant scenery and breathtaking iconic buildings the country has to offer. ???
Edinburgh has an attraction for bringing some of the best actors and popular television  personalities to our stunning city and already I have had the honour of looking after them during their visit. 
The beauty of my job is looking after people from all walks of life, this gives me great pleasure no matter who they are or where they come from, I have no preference .They all receive the best service as my motto says ” the best or nothing”.