Busy Busy Chauffeur Services.

Here at Hamish Mair Chauffeur Services, we are bang in the middle of our busiest period. Tourists are arriving by the bucket load and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Military Tattoo is looming. The hotel demand for tours and golf outings has dramatically heightened as well as daily visits to both Glasgow and Edinburgh Airport.

All great news for the countries economy and obviously our services are being put to the test. As far as our tourists are concerned we are passing them with flying colours and are able to sustain our high standards of service. The feedback is very pleasing and most rewarding both from a professional point of view as well as our city receiving great compliments as we are so proud of our pastures.

The golf courses down the east coast are being visited more than ever during their prime condition and many of our American friends are taking advantage of this and enjoying the quality of our links courses recommended to them by our chauffeurs. I and one of my drivers have had golf invites from our guests and we have a game lined up for next year when we have a returning American guest. Looking forward to that and made a new friend ?

Other news at Hamish Mair Chauffeur Services is that we have added to our Chauffeur team to cope with the demand and employed carefully, adding a couple of real personalities to the team. My drivers are becoming very popular with our guests and are even being requested by name for repeat transportation. Very pleased to hear and a tribute to my staff. 

Our E class Mercedes has been replaced with a new model which has enhanced the quality of our fleet and complements the existing amazing cars.

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